We offer a full range of artificial turf !

20mm Fairway grade £11per2 or from £40 fully installed

40mm deluxe grade

£20 per m2 or £50 per m2 fully installed.

Prefer to DIY ? Why not get a quote for our supply only service ? Our Family range is just £2 per M2 all inc for orders over 50M2 within our extensive free delivery zone!


Turf Growers,Real and Artificial Turf Suppliers andInstallers.

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Quotation, Preparation, And Installation.

The work we do and how we go about it , the easy and hassle free way to get your new lawn.

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The Turf supply and installation specialists.

At turfmygarden.com we aim to simplify and reduce the cost of getting the lawn you've always wanted. We can offer the complete "Real" and "Artificial" turf service from simply supplying your new lawn to a full preparation and installation service and everything in between !. We can tailor every job to your particular needs and budget so getting the lawn you always wanted may not cost as much as you think.

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Turf Suppliers

Natural Turf

The traditional environmentally friendly option .

Family grade £2 per m2

Luxury Grade £2.80 m2

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