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Artificial turf has come on a long way in the past five years , manufacturers are now able to produce incredibly realistic products that are difficult to tell from the best natural lawns. They provide a solution to the busy modern lifestyle with little to no maintenence , and are also ideal for children as there is no mud or mess. Although they are costly in comparison to natural turf , an artificial lawn can be considered a long term investment , with most products now guaranteed for ten years against uv fade etc .

We have a wide range of artificial turf available for every application. Below is a few of the products we have on offer , included is a rough estimate for the turf fully installed . This is inclusive of spoil removal . edging , sub base and sand . Every quote we give for installation will be personalised to the particular site so please get in touch for an accurate price for your new lawn.

The Fairway or Family grade

This is a 20mm pile height turf has a 4 tone construction , it is a realistic and neat looking lawn, the price and pile height makes this product ideal for lawns for children or pets to play on .        

£40per m2 fully installed

The orchard grade

30mm pile height , 4 tone construction . This is a dense , luscious and very realistic turf which is versatile enough for almost any area .

£45per m2 fully installed

Supreme grade

This stunning 35mm grass is soft and springy to the touch . Superb multi tone construction with dense light brown thatch and a memory pile for an authentic look.

£50 per m2 fully installed

Deluxe grade

This 40mm supersoft grass has a light brown thatch , super dense multi tone construction , giving a very authentic ultimate lawn .

£55 per m2 fully installed . £